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LaShaun Jackson
LaShaun Sah Jackson M.A. NCC. L.P.C. - CEO

Outstanding leadership, pioneering vision, innovative concepts and motivational actions are just a few select phrases that have been used to describe LaShaun Jackson's make up. In totality, LaShaun is best described as a modern day Renaissance man. He has been spearheading organizations and providing strong leadership since his early teenage years. From captaining sports teams to holding presidential offices of social clubs and social service groups, he has always been at his finest when operating in a position where strong leadership is paramount.

As a professional, LaShaun has worked in the social service and education fields for over 15 years. Beginning in entry level positions, he was quickly identified as an optimal selection for administration and supervisory roles. He has engaged in a variety of professional roles, including several caseworker positions, Special Education teaching assistant, African American studies teacher, personal development instructor, and group counseling facilitator. LaShaun has instructed many professional development workshops, acted as a supervisor for a team of caseworkers, been a private educational consultant, and served as the Director of an alternative high school. LaShaun has continuously pressed forward, seeing each achievement as a stepping stone toward the next level, and has now found his true calling in his current role. He is currently the Chairman and Executive Director of CIRCLE Foundation, a non-profit organization which he co-founded.

As a private consultant, LaShaun has contracted with many organizations including: Youth Connection Charter Schools, Alternative Schools Network,The University Of Chicago, Carole Robertson Center For Learning, Youth Service Project, Westside Holistic Family Services, Roosevelt University, Northeastern Illinois University, Adapt of Illinois, Inner Arts Counseling Services, Mary Crane, and the National Black Expo.

LaShaun possesses a solid body of knowledge and skills that are the foundation for his leadership prowess. He holds a bachelor's degree in psychology with a minor in African American studies from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, a master's degree in counselor education from Northeastern Illinois University, and an advanced certification in stress management from Roosevelt University. An advocate of holistic health, he has been a practitioner of Chi Qong (internal martial arts), yoga and other meditative arts for over 18 years. In addition to his personal studies and practices in holistic health, he has also formally studied traditional Chinese medicine at the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine.

LaShaun has had intricate involvement with an array of professional organizations including the Midwest Pain Society, American Counseling Association, Roosevelt University Stress Institute, National Certified Counselors, and the Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development. He is currently an active board member of the Alternative Schools Network in Chicago, IL.